Ithink school is friend. Because I meet friend at the school. I transfered school a lot since i was young. so i get an outcast. so i am sencitive about going out with friends. But i make fun school life thanks to my friends. I played with my friend and, to quarrel. It’s all smiles back and take them off. And i like my school life. I can meet friends, played with my friens and friends made me happy. Just want to change one thing is i hope not greedy.


write about your daily life at KISH

I’m introduce about my life at KISH.

First, i get up early. Because, i have to meet my friends. i meet my friends go to school together. But my friends and i and a half is different.

Second, i study hard. Monday, wednesday and friday is the 7th class. tuesday and thursday is the 8th class. My favorite subject is English and math. And i find it difficult subject is history and science.

Third, i have to go academy. I am an English academy and i attend math academy.Then scores rose a bit and i arrend math academy. The grades in English, however, did not go well.

finally, i am home. I get through the day and slept after washing and do my homework at home.

FREEDOM-What are the advantages and disadvantages about freedom

It has many good and bad things. My opinion is advantages who can take a rest and who can solve stress. And disadvantages is who can overdose to free time.

First, freedom advantage is who can take a rest. I think freedom is free time. So, when who have a freedom. who can take a relax, someone need chill out time. So, who can take a enjoy in free time. Example, someone need to take a rest. When someone take a relax, someone can be comfortable.

Second, freedom advantage is who can solve stress. When who have a freedom, who who can solve anxiety. Because, everyone have stress. So, who can work any problem and work in free time. Example, when someone have to solve problem or stress. So, someone can solve any problems in free time.

Third, freedom disavantage is who can overdose on free time. when someone continues to take a rest and solve problems or stress. Someone can overdose on free time. Because, someone doesn’t stopping to take a rest and solve works or problem or stress. Example, when someone continues use to free time. someone overdoses on free time.

So, someone can take a rest and can solve stress. But, someone can overdose to free time.

FREE TOPIC-My favorite singer

My favorite singer is exo. So I introduce about exo. Exo is k-pop star and korea nine boys group in sm entertainment exo’s member is Suho, Xiumin, Lay, Baek hyun, Chen, Chan yeol, D.O, Kai, Sehun. 4.8.2012 exo is debut. Exo,s name is with means the outer solar system got a motive in exo planet. They have been named “the biggest boyband in the world” by media outlets, saying “exo”. official slogan is Suho made ‘let’s love!’ and they have ‘we are one!’. person with supernatral power from the concept is alien planet. And all members working at have extraordinary power. of coure, All false. Suho have psychic powers of water, Xiumin have psychic powers of ice, Lay have psychic powers of hilling, Baek hyun have psychic power of light, Chen have psychic powers of thunderbolt, Chan yeol have psychic powers of fire, D.O have psychic powers of strenght, Kai have psychic powers of instant movement, Sehun have psychic powers of wind. To begin with the 12 people of activities. But, Now 9 people of activities. And Chen, Baek hyun, Xiumin consist of exo-cbx debut 10.31.2016. And exo is triple of million-selling. Exo’s album is achieve one million copies three time. And exo fan club is exo-L. exo-L is short for exo-love. And exo-L between exo-K, exo-M. And exo fan club is about 3.900.000 people. So, My favorite k-pop star is exo.


I introduce about me. My name is kim jung yeon. I am 15 year old. I don’t have my favorite food. Because, I can eat all. 

And my favorite singer is exo. Because exo is handsome and good at singing. 

And so I only listen to exo’s music. 

My favorite subject is English and math. Because English is just I like it and i like couting numbers of math. 

And I wanna be a pharmacist or writer. My hubby is listen to music and writing. 

And I want to go exo’s concert. But, I can’t go to exo’s concert. And I like play with my friend, I like talking about anything with my friend.